Flying and jumping animals
At last a long cherised wis came true: high-speed-photography. With this technik I can capture the essence of many animals in my pictures. Butterlflys glide true the air, dragonflys flap their wings like a hoverkraft and grasshoppers spread their wings in order to take to the air. The immages of this apparently in their action frozen animals, gives a unique view on the behavior of this animals and the art of flying..

High-speed-photography has a quite technical basis. Special flashlights create exposuretimes of 1/20.000 seconds, so most of the wings of flying insects and the powerfull jumpers like frogs and grasshoppers are frosen in their movement.
By the high velocity of most insects it is impossible to trigger the releasebutton myself. The camera is therefore triggered by the animals themselves. At the moment they pass trought a laser-beam the camera is triggered.

In the gallery high-speed you will find pictures of this special way of naturephotography. Also in the other galleries it is possible to see images of flying and jumping animals.    © René Krekels    januari 2003